Overpass queries

Buildings without area
opening_date in the past
fixme tags
Entrances not connected to buildings
Outdated parcel locker tagging
Crossing longer than 50m
Missing surface where asphalt is likely
admin_boundary connected to other stuff
Single member multipolygon
Sidewalk without surface
GSV without surface
Pedestrian crossing without surface
Leftover construction tag
Bus stop too far from road

Check date

Construction sites with outdated check_date
Buildings under construction with outdated check_date
Shop with outdated check_date
Selected amenities with outdated check_date

Highway angles

Motorway (50 deg)
Trunk (50 deg)
Primary (50 deg)
Highway angles > 135 degrees

Custom maps

Rogaland syklistforening sykkelkart
Street lights
Waymarked trails
OSMR foot debuging
OSMR bike debuging
OSMR car debuging
Neukölln Straßenraumkarte
Neukölln Parkraumkarte
Traffic sign overlay
Bike map and router

Code / tools

NVDB import tools

Other links

Entur Stop Place Registry
Geofabrik OSM Inspector
Geofabrik OSM Inspector - Ring not closed
path=boardwalk (should not be used)